Vastu For A Home Plan

Why is a Vastu for a home plan is Important?

The Vastu for home plan is a geomantic practice developed in India by the Vedic sages. It is a perfect way to enhance the flow of energy in your home and achieve peace and harmony for yourself, your family and your loved ones.

The main tenets are based on sacred geometry that adheres to universal laws of nature. In this post you’ll find some practical tips from experts on how to apply the principles of vastu for home plan for more personal success.

Why do people believe in a vastu for a home plan?

Many astrologers and priests believe that a house plan according to vastushastra on earth can have an effect on your life, health, relationships and fortunes. The house plan as per vastu is an ancient practice which is based on the principle that the position of buildings and their internal design can influence the lives of those who live or work inside them. By applying vastu for home plan principles to your home, you can improve its fengshui, ensuring your family enjoys peace, prosperity and happiness for years to come.

Benefits of vastu for home plan:

1. Peace and harmony in your home.

The house plan according to vastushastra is at an angle of 23.5 degrees to the North or South, with entrances and exits in the east and west. The best time to start construction is during a waxing moon, when it’s easy for positive energy to flow through your property.

2. More prosperity in life.
If you build a home on a vastu for home plan point, your business and income will improve, while you will have more children, wealth and happiness in life. If your vastushastra house plan is located on the yin energy point, you are more likely to suffer financial instability or even bankruptcy.

3. A successful marriage.
Your house plan as per vastu face should always come toward the North or East direction. When viewed from this angle your marriage will be happier, children are also more likely to develop healthily and successfully and money comes quickly without much effort on your part.

4. More good luck to win awards.
If your vastushastra house plan door faces eastwards, you are more likely to win awards and recognition for your creativity.

5. A peaceful and happy family life.

• The house plan as per vastu corner is considered auspicious for children as it will bring them good health, wealth and prosperity.
• If the toilet is in the north-east part of the house, it will help attract a higher standard of living to your family.