Multi Story Building Plans

What is a multi story building plan?

The multi story building plan refers to the process of constructing a house on multiple levels. It is also referred to as a multistory building or residential building. There are several advantages of building such a structure, including optimised living space and easier access for visitors and deliveries.


The multi story commercial building plans face many problems like lack of ventilation, lack of space, bad maintenance and so on. Let us discuss all these things:

1. Lack of ventilation: The last level of the small multi story house plans is not well ventilated because there are not enough windows and doors in it. There is a large opening for the sunlight and fresh air to come in at first level.

2. Lack of space: There is not enough space in the last level. In the first level, there is sufficient space. The last level is also coming to use later, so it hasn’t been provided with all facilities.

3. Bad maintenance: Because there is not enough room, maintenance staff have to go higher to maintain all parts of the building.

Feature of multi story building plan:

1. Space saver: The second advantage of this plan is space-saving. It hardly takes 10–15% of land as compared to any other plan.

2. Maintenance: The maintenance is much easier in multi-storeyed buildings as every part of the building can be reached with the help of stairs and lifts.

3. Extra usage: Since there are many multi story floor plans, each floor may be used for a special purpose like residential area or guest room, schools and colleges etc.