Hotel Floor Plan

Planning your next hotel? It’s never too early to start planning. Get a head start on the design process by creating an outline and floor plan that you’ll use as the foundation for building your new property. We can help with everything from site selection, permits, and understanding lease agreements, to drafting up your floor plan and developing a unique motif for every floor of your hotel.

Hotel Design Architecture

Hotels are one of the most popular architectural styles because they usually have a high profit margin. The hotel industry is an economic powerhouse with billions of dollars in revenues each year. The room sizes, height, colors, and even furniture in a hotel design can affect how much money it makes. Guests often stay in hotels not just for the room but also for the amenities like swimming pools, restaurants, gyms, and spas.

Hotel Floorplan

Hotel floor plan is the basic layout of a hotel. It includes room types, amenities, and location.

Hotel Architecture

Hotel architecture is an interesting and complex subject. The two main factors when designing a hotel are the ambiance and the functionality. A hotel’s ambiance, or atmosphere, can be created in many ways such as with different colors, art, and furniture. Functionality refers to how guests will move through the building. In order to design a functional hotel, architects consider the number of rooms on each floor and where they are located on the floor.

Modern Hotel Design

A modern hotel design should include a chic, high-end look that reflects the in-room experience. Rooms should have deep colors and minimalistic decor. The lobby area should have open spaces that make it feel like you’re walking into an art gallery or a lounge.

Hotel Building Design

Hotel buildings are big houses with many rooms. The layout of the hotel is determined by the amount of guests, traffic flow, and room sizes. They can be laid out in a certain manner for guests to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.