Bungalow House Plans

Why do we need bungalow house plans?

The bungalow house plans are one of the most popular housing style types. They’re usually made up of various square or rectangular floor plans that are often seen in early 20th century housing.

A bungalow is a very affordable house plan to build. The 3 bedroom bungalow house plans are an ideal starter home for a young family, empty nester, or someone looking to downsize their living space and has a small amount of land to work with. The cosy layout and number of bedrooms make them perfect for people who like to spend more time outdoors instead of away from their home on the couch watching TV.


The modern bungalow house plans are traditional housing style that originated in India, where it is known as a bhavan. A bhavan is typically built around a central open courtyard and features large glassed-in verandas on all four sides. Sometimes called bungalow plans, the style has grown in popularity in the United States over the years.

Facility of bungalow house plans:

1. BUNGALOW – There are different bowl types such as Bungalow A, B, C and D. But the most popular is Bungalow C.

Bungalow A: It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room. This bungalow house plan is very simple and moderate in size. The bedrooms are parallel to 3 bedroom bungalow house plans.

Bungalow B: It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a living room. This bungalow house plan is very similar to 3 story bungalow house plans.

Bungalow C: It has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, and this bungalow house plan is more complex than Bungalow A.

Bungalow D: Looks the same as Bungalow C, but this bungalow house plans are simple. This bungalow house plan includes a large and small bedroom, 2 bathrooms and a living room.

The bungalow house plan will be able to provide maximum facilities to you:

1. Easy to Build: This mode can provide a maximum capacity, not minimum capacity and it is easy to build as well.

2. Enjoy more time with your family: The size of your modern bungalow house plans is larger than a cottage so you can easily spend much time with your family and enjoy more time in the company of them.

3. Easy to decorate: This luxury bungalow house plans is more spacious than the cottage so you can enjoy more decoration and more comfort. The classic bungalow house plan will be able to provide a wide range of decoration options.

4. Enjoy the view: BUNGALOW has many verandas, which is good for you to enjoy the view and natural scenery while relaxing. You can also practise your garden design tips.

Feature of bungalow house plans:

1. A spacious living room: A house with the capacity of a luxury bungalow house plans can have this kind of room. We can install the furniture very well in a spacious living room.

2. A spacious kitchen: The 1 floor bungalow house plans are very convenient in terms of the size of the kitchen, and it will be able to make it easier for you to do many things in it.

3. Wide space for garden decorations: With a large number of verandas, you’ll be able to enjoy more decoration options for your outdoor space such as plants or lawns and so on.