Who We Are
You Dream It, We Plan It

My Ghar Planners is an architectural firm designing spaces to create a world-class living experience. The Senior Architect Nitin Bhatia is an experienced and determined person and has created numerous spaces globally. We will continue to provide architectural spaces that embody beauty and pleasure in serene settings, touching the sentiments of those who use them. We will, at the same time, work to create buildings that will ensure both physically and aesthetically, informed by the techniques of sustainable design to be ecologically sound, and presenting appearances of timeless charm. If you are searching for a house design and are here, we assure you to give you one of the best residential designs at a minimal cost. We have done many commercial designs that are performing well to date and are sustainable. Our focus is to design the floor plans in Indian architectural design for people with a modern architectural look to keep up with the modern global world and also stay connected to the old-school traditional way of living.

If you are thinking of getting an apartment designed and are confused about where to go for that, we assure to that your search ends here. My Ghar Planners deal with rich and aesthetic interior design as well. Providing you with the floor plans and using the space in the best way possible for you to give you the dream residence you want. we understand your ideas and thoughts about your place of living and merge our skills and experience to come up with a design that will sustain and catch every eye watching it.

Building a home is always a dream come true.

We can also say it as once in a lifetime endeavor for most of us. Therefore, the house plans has to be best as per your requirements. We at MyGharplanner will assist you in this crucial decision :
  • Designing a house plan is a collective decision of family members. So, first of all note all your basic requirements of present and future which should be there in your house plan.
  • Now make a wish list of all the essentials for your new home like the style, number of stories, number of bedrooms & baths, number of assembly areas like living space, dining space, luxurious Master Bath, Master Suite etc.
  • Also, make a list for Outdoor Space utilization. Like you can have Patios, Porches & Lawns, Kids playing area, open sitting area, Placement of generators etc.
  • Make a list of basic facilities like septic tank, water storage, rain water harvesting, utility area, washing area, storage etc.
    Make a list of add-on facilities like Gym Area, Entertainment area, hobby area, Mini bar, swimming pool, Servant room, guard room etc.
  • Take care of the climatic conditions of your area like the amenities you like to have in your house in terms of Warm & Cold Weather conditions.
  • Now choose the Architect and engineer to design your house plan as per architecture feasibilities