Your budget and our experience collabs here to give you the best residential designs
We can also say it as once in a lifetime endeavor for most of us. Therefore, the house plans has to be best as per your requirements. We at MyGharplanners will assist you in this crucial decision :
  • Designing a house plan is a collective decision of family members. So, first of all note all your basic requirements of present and future which should be there in your house plan.
  • Now make a wish list of all the essentials for your new home like the style, number of stories, number of bedrooms & baths, number of assembly areas like living space, dining space, luxurious Master Bath, Master Suite etc.
  • Also, make a list for Outdoor Space utilization. Like you can have Patios, Porches & Lawns, Kids playing area, open sitting area, Placement of generators etc.
  • Make a list of basic facilities like septic tank, water storage, rain water harvesting, utility area, washing area, storage etc. Make a list of add-on facilities like Gym Area, Entertainment area, hobby area, Mini bar, swimming pool, Servant room, guard room etc.
  • Take care of the climatic conditions of your area like the amenities you like to have in your house in terms of Warm & Cold Weather conditions.
  • Now choose the Architect and engineer to design your house plan as per architecture feasibilities
Note:- This graph is based on approximate value it may differ as per specification given by consultants