Ghar Ka Front Design

Ghar ka front design is a style of architecture that was created in India and the Middle East. It is typically used in the construction of homes with courtyards in order to allow natural light to enter. The houses are designed so that they offer privacy and protection from outside forces. They also have covered porches, which are often intricately decorated. The design of a house makes a lot of difference when it comes to the way that you live. Homes with ghar-ka front designs are designed with the main entry or exit in the front, making it easier for guests to enter and leave.

It is also easy for visitors to find their way around because they can see everything they need to know from the front door. The ghar ka design was created by the group of Indian artists, who wanted to give a new life to their society. It is designed with a straight line cutting through it, which represents the backbone of human civilization. Along the lines of this guideline, they also used two parallel lines on either side. A ghar ka front design is the traditional way of decorating a front door with plants, flowers, and other greenery.